“Color Based” is a sculpture installation project designed to emphasize the effects of artificial food coloring and flavors on children.
Glass bottles filled with Pepto Bismol form a line to resemble industrial conveyor belt; while the circus tent signifies the filling machine which fills children with colorful foods/pharmaceuticals.
I chose Pepto Bismol because the consistency and color resemble pigment in acrylic paint more so than edible products, also pink is a color which evokes specific emotional response. The circus tent is used here as a symbol of the hyperactivities children display after ingesting artificial food ingredients (food coloring, flavors, saccharin, salicylate… etc.).

"Color Based"(detail), 2007, dimension variable, installation: circus tent, artist-designed limited-editioned glass bottles and pepto-bismol.

"Color Based "(detail).

"Color Based" (installation view)

The limited edition of 100 artist designed glass bottles were hand blown into a iron mold. Each bottle holds 36 fl. oz.
This installation is made possible by Artists' Resource for Completion Grant from the Durfee Foundation and Downtown Los Angeles Artists' Grant from the Downtown Artist Project.

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