Artist Statement

My work exist as metaphors of what I observed. They are the result from experiments on material and concepts, manifested as open ended questions.

Reflecting upon social phenomena, cultural idiosyncrasies, living conditions and biological behaviors, I interpret my theories or analysis in sensory languages of sculpture, film, installation, drawing, writing, and collaborative projects. The cross-disciplinary nature of my work supports the concept with multiple layers of renditions, forges communications across fields and encourages public dialogues.

In the process of this regenerative practice, I challenge the preconceived notion, probe into science, literature and philosophy , experiment on materials and creative methods/thinking. Core concepts are extracted from the process and re-built in the format of visual art, film or actions. My focus is on the experiences in the progress instead of the product itself.

I am interested in the structure of life, dichotomy in human nature and collective cognition; overall, I investigate how lives could be lived. In my earlier work, artificial food ingredients in a series of sculpture were proposed as metaphors, implying deep rooted injustice and classism in food politics. I also probed into Tibetan philosophies and wildlife misplacement in site specific installations and performances.  My current projects include a participatory project studying the emotional effects on holding hands, and an experimental animated film that interprets mysterious animal behaviors.

As an artist and a thinker, I destruct given information in order to ask questions which might prompt us to see life from a different perspective. I transform that which is subtle or invisible into sensual experiences. Each medium I chose represents its own  unique process, limit and identity. The innovative combination of material and creative forms exemplifies the open-ended process of my work. The goal is to explore how content evolves with form and viewers, and to broaden the experiences and definitions of fine art and its authors.



YaYa Chou was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and currently lives in Los Angeles. She received an MFA in Experimental Animation from California Institute of The Art, California, and a BA in Mass Communications from FuJen University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Chou’s work was the subject of solo exhibitions at Sharjah Art Muserum, UAE; Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana; and d.e.n. contemporary art in West Hollywood, Califronia. Her work has been included in group exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art, NY, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, VA, and numerous venues in the U.S. Publications that have featured her work include Sculpture magazine, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Fiberarts, and Artillery. She is the recipient of the 2011 Fellowship at the Sally and Don Lucas Artists Residency, Montalvo Arts Center, CA, and twice she was awarded the Durfee Foundation Grant. Chou has received several honors and awards for her animated films. She is also a publishing translator and professional interpreter.


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